Ocean Band for Apple Watch Review

Ocean Band for Apple Watch Review


The Apple Watch is undeniably the most popular piece of wearable technology to date. From it’s features to functionality, and ease of use when paired with the iPhone, it’s  pretty much unbeatable, and generally when you see one you’ll see the other. The Apple watch is not only convenient and useful, but it has the potential to be the centerpiece, or atleast the accessorizing centerpiece of any outfit. Unfortunately, once you pick your band from Apple, it’s really hard to come off another hundred dollars every time you want a new band, you could easily spend a car payment just trying to get a couple of extra bands…

Well, there’s a solution. Just like buying a vehicle like the Jeep Wrangler or anything MOPAR, you have TONS of options for aftermarket accessories. That, in a lot of cases, are not only just as good as something bought directly from Apple or OEM parts if we’re sticking with the car analogy, but in some cases even superior, and generally at a fraction of the cost.

Let’s take the Ocean Band for Apple watch for example. This is one of the most underrated bands in my opinion, unless you’ve actually worn one. Unlike the Sport Loop that most of our watches came with, that isn’t breathable and can get quite sweaty if you’re active and it’s always on the line of too tight or too loose unless you have the PERFECT sized wrist, the Ocean band, because of its tubular design, has a bit more “flex” to it. And easy flex if that can be said to describe it. This makes the band not only stylish, but really easy to find the perfect fit based on you own personall preference. And with all the color options, you can go crazy mixing and matching.

So let’s say you decided to splurge, it becomes quite a decision knowing that you’re going to be dropping 100 dollars off of Apple’s website. Not only is it a hundred dollars, but it comes in Yellow, White, and Black. All great colors and we love them all, but that’s pretty limiting. The alternative is going somewhere like KO Adventures, where you can a similar band that comes in 39 different color options at the moment. Not only that, but for 29 dollars instead of 100, and occasionally they run sales like right now where if you buy 3 you get 1 free… Honestly you can even go to Walmart and find the same band K O Adventures offers for the same price, just without the promotion. So, if you’ve had your eye on the Ocean band from Apple, and you’re trying to figure which of the 3 colors to choose from… maybe visit Walmart or K O Adventures and get all 3 of the colors, plus an extra depending on which site you decide to shop, for the same price as the one you were going to purchase.

I hope this was useful, please feel free to comment with questions below, and I’ll leave you with links for both K O Adventures and Walmart so you can check them out. Happy Shopping! And as always, if you're enjoying the reviews please Like and Follow for more!


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