Not everything ALWAYS goes to plan... and that's OK.

Off Roading at Lone Rock in Skull Valley, UT

I've been meaning to go to Lone Rock in Skull Valley, UT for a few weeks now. I finally got tired of putting it off and threw my gear in the Jeep and headed out. I got a later start than what I would have liked, getting onsite probably 20-30 minutes prior to full dark...Not to be discouraged, I got set up and got to shooting. Lighting ended up being great, my DJI mini 3 pro has not disappointed yet. I've used it in all kinds of conditions and have ended up w/ (what I consider) to be great content each time...

After the shoot, full dark, I decided that I didn't want to climb back over the mountain and go back the way I had come... big mistake. I ended up completely lost in the desert, that was flooded. No lights for reference, no landmarks, I couldn't even see the gigantic "Lone Rock" that I had come to shoot. FORTUNATELY my navigation still worked and I was able to blaze my own trail through the mud and brush to get back to civilization... 

Definitely didn't go according to plan, that being said, I got some great shots, no damage to Blue (my Jeep), and I actually had a ton of fun trying to get out of there!

As always: #gooutside and #docoolshit. Until next time!

Check out the aftermath HERE:

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