Leather Link for Apple Watch Review

Leather Link for Apple Watch Review

The Apple Watch is undeniably the most popular piece of wearable technology to date. From its features to functionality, and ease of use when paired with the iPhone, it’s  pretty much unbeatable, and generally when you see one you’ll see the other. The Apple watch is not only convenient and useful, but it has the potential to be the centerpiece, or atleast the accessorizing, centerpiece of any outfit. Unfortunately, once you pick your band from Apple, it’s really hard to come off another hundred dollars every time you want a new band, you could easily spend a car payment just trying to get a couple of extra bands…

Well, there’s a solution. Just like buying a vehicle like the Jeep Wrangler or anything MOPAR, you have TONS of options for aftermarket accessories. That, in a lot of cases, are not only just as good as something bought directly from Apple, or OEM parts if we’re sticking with the car analogy, but in some cases even superior, and generally at a fraction of the cost.

Another of our favorite bands is the Leather Link. It actually comes in both leather and silicone variants. Leather looks slightly classier, and we think the silicone is slightly more comfortable. Both have magnetic links for easy on off, and the magnets are strong enough to keep your watch securely in place.

The Leather Link is currently for sale on Apple’s website for 100 dollars, and comes in 3 color options. If you were to shop for the equivalent brand through an aftermarket source, take K O Adventures for example, they’re currently offering the band in 50 different color and material options! Walmart has a similar selection and they’re both pricing the band at 29 dollars. K O Adventures does have a sale going on until the end of the year for buy 3 get 1 free, so that might be a good option for you if you’re planning on purchasing more than one. I hope this was helpful, I’ll leave you some links to both sites so you can check it out. Happy Shopping! And as always, please leave any comments or questions below. If you're enjoying the product reviews please like and follow so you can see more.

Walmart: https://www.walmart.com/ip/KOAdventures-Adult-Unisex-Leather-Link-Watch-Band/2230157996

KO Adventures:


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